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Jess just sent the paperwork out for the new TURNED OFF tapes, featuring their recording from January’s session with STEVE ROCHE at PERMANENT HEARING DAMAGE in Philly, backed with demos of their’s recorded by RICK from DEAF NOT DEAD/TROUBLED HIPS last year. It all sounds amazing and brutal, like early FIGHT AMP cut with Bleach-era NIRVANA. The run of a hundred will be on sky blue cassettes designed by our sister JESS EWING, and the j-cards’re designed and hand screened by NATE WELLS of TUNNEL fame.

HOLY DIRT and RAT HEALER are going to be on the road for six days this October, check out the projected itinerary and let them know if you can help them out but setting up a show or letting them sleep on yr floor. They’re all nice folks and not at all standoffish.

TUE 12 – NY
WED 13 – CT
THU 14 – MA
FRI 15 – RI
SAT 16 – NJ
SUN 17 – NY

Lastly, we are bummed to announce that POWERPUKEHAUS is closing it’s doors at the end of June. What a great bunch of dudes to let us put on so many sick shows there. Thanks eternally to NATE, JOEL, ALEX, and IVAN for the dedication to us all! Keep your ears peeled for annoncements of a final show, and for now make sure you go to see KEPI GHOULIE at the PUNK ROCK PROM on the 23, followed by THE WASTOIDS at homegrown!

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greetings, dedicated listeners. some developments here at sloth HQ:

-the BUBONIC BEAR / HOLY DIRT split release show will be new year’s eve at the spot in wilmington, de, 1908 north market street, at 8pm. limited to 100, this’ll be the first pro-dubbed tape we’ve helmed, and if all goes as planned the rest of our releases will follow suit. also playing are PAGAN WOLF RITUAL, DEERGEAR(!), and our madison underground press brothers TIT PATROL. this will also be the kickoff show for bubonic bear’s january tour, so come on out.

-POWERSTANCE will be in the studio w steve roche in january, so expect new radness from them soon thereafter. POWERSTANCE is a newark/wilmington/philly post-700 super group that plays heavy stuff that is fast and sometimes slow, f/ nate from COME ON HOMEWRECKERS, chris from CARCRUSHER, and nate from TUNNEL.

-we’re now booking every tuesday at the blue parrot in wilmington, de, 6th and union, at 9pm. shows are all ages and there is never a cover. plus, pints are only a dollar, and it’s just four bucks for a pint and a shot. as if that weren’t enough, they serve traditional cajun food for low prices. coming up we have ANGRY FAMILY and HOLY DIRT on dec 29, and PUKESCREAMER and THE HEADIES on jan 5th, with plenty more to come.

-so far for january at the spot we have two awesome shows booked: FIGHT AMP and TOWERS on friday the eighth, w/ AMFDM (mem. PYRAMIDS/APE!/DEERGEAR/TOWERS), POWERSTANCE, and HOLY DIRT; and on sunday the sevententh HAIL HYDRA and FIELD DAY, both on tour from richmond, va, w/ PYRAMIDS and PAGAN WOLF RITUAL.

-also for winter 2010, expect the APE! full length, the official pressing of the COUNT VON COUNT / ELECTRIC HORSEMEN split, and new stuff from PAGAN WOLF RITUAL, plus plenty more surprises.

get at us at a show or on the interweb.
tom and john