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count von count’s final recording “fin” is avail, and we also found a bunch of copies of the bubonic bear “half length” as well as the bubear/hodirt split tape repress. also, lots of count von count/electric horsemen split cds. and a fresh batch of “smoke fuckin’ weed” buttons, white on black.

expect bubonic bear/hulk smash split tape near the end of feb.

some winter shows:
Out, Pink Coffins from Philly (ex Kill the Man Who Questions and Off Minor), Distress Signals from Philly (ex Sound of Failure), Badurr, Tit Patrol

FRI 4 FEB @ NACHO HOUSE – Darsombra (Baltimore, ex Meatjack), Sacajaweeda, Bubonic Bear (our boys from Philly), Winter Ritual (Max from Holy Dirt), Dirty Hole (Kirby and Rick from Troubled Hips)

THU 24 FEB @ TBA – P.T. Burnem (DC hip hop), Double Rainbow (RVA, mem. Catalyst)

THU 17 MAR @ TBA – Cop City/Chill Pillars, Partial People (FL, ex Chronic Youth and Carbs/mem. Dead Friends)

more news soon.



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fri 7 jan Strange Matter, RVA, w/ APE!, Caltrop, Human Smoke, The Catalyst
sat 8 jan The Olive Garden, Philly, w/ APE!, Electric Horsemen, Bubonic Bear
sun 9 jan Mojo Main, Newark, DE, w/ APE!, Tit Patrol

tell everyone

Tour Exculsive Tapes

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Two new tour-exclusive releases from Holy Dirt:

1) Meat Mountain – Live noise jams, one of which is a collaboration with the racket-monger known as Wether
2) Death Birthday – A few recodings made with Steve Roche (Off Minor, Pink coffins, etc.), blown out and collected on a limited cassette.

See previous links earlier and elsewhere, and bask in the freedom of obscurity.

nudes 7.15.10

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Stoked to say the TURNED OFF tape is ready to go, sounds great! Tape Release show this Friday at Barcode in Wilmington, DE, with some of our favorite family members APE!, COME ON HOMEWRECKERS, and HOT TODDY & HIS WILMINGTON WASTOIDS! Also laying down the WASTOIDS tracks this weekend with the godfather MIKE BARDZIK, so keep your ears peeled for that soon!

We also just sent out the paperwork for the ERODE & DISAPPEAR // SIGNALS split, due out July 28, tape release show at Danger Danger in Philly with buds MANNEQUIN HOLLOWCAUST and BUCK GOOTER. Also to come later this summer will be the new BUBONIC BEAR cuts, plus a repress of the BUBONIC BEAR // HOLY DIRT split, and (finally) the RAT BABIES // AKRIS split!

HOLY DIRT will be on tour for a little while this early fall. Check out where they-re going to be and let them know if you can help out with setting up a show or letting them sleep on your couch or floor. If you do punk, noise, hardcore shows, they can swing it.

WED 29 SEPT – TBA, Harrisonburg, VA
THU 30 SEPT – Knoxville, TN (HELP)
FRI 1 OCT – Devilneck Festival, Atlanta, GA
SAT 2 OCT – RVA/North Carolina (HELP)
SUN 3 OCT – DC/Baltimore (HELP)

with RAT HEALER of Philadelphia:
FRI 15 OCT – TBA, Boston, MA
SAT 16 OCT – The Handsome Woman, Williamantic, CT
SUN 17 OCT – TBA, Brooklyn, NY

slothtapes (at) gmail (dot) com

holy dirt autumnal dates

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supporting new recording out late summer. new set is short and fast, under twenty minutes. also welcome to the fold max gambill on vocals, noise, and general thrashing about. let us know if you can help out these fine young gentleman (starred dates need the most help).

on our lonesome..
*wed 29 sept: va
*thu 20 sept: tn
fri 1 oct: athens, ga w utah plus lots more
sat 2 oct: nc/va
*sun 3 oct: dc/md

w/ rat healer of philadelphia..
*tue 12 oct: nj/ny
*wed 13 oct: ct/ri
thu 14 oct: ma
fri 16 oct: ma
sat 17 oct: ny
*sun 18 oct: ny/nj


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Jess just sent the paperwork out for the new TURNED OFF tapes, featuring their recording from January’s session with STEVE ROCHE at PERMANENT HEARING DAMAGE in Philly, backed with demos of their’s recorded by RICK from DEAF NOT DEAD/TROUBLED HIPS last year. It all sounds amazing and brutal, like early FIGHT AMP cut with Bleach-era NIRVANA. The run of a hundred will be on sky blue cassettes designed by our sister JESS EWING, and the j-cards’re designed and hand screened by NATE WELLS of TUNNEL fame.

HOLY DIRT and RAT HEALER are going to be on the road for six days this October, check out the projected itinerary and let them know if you can help them out but setting up a show or letting them sleep on yr floor. They’re all nice folks and not at all standoffish.

TUE 12 – NY
WED 13 – CT
THU 14 – MA
FRI 15 – RI
SAT 16 – NJ
SUN 17 – NY

Lastly, we are bummed to announce that POWERPUKEHAUS is closing it’s doors at the end of June. What a great bunch of dudes to let us put on so many sick shows there. Thanks eternally to NATE, JOEL, ALEX, and IVAN for the dedication to us all! Keep your ears peeled for annoncements of a final show, and for now make sure you go to see KEPI GHOULIE at the PUNK ROCK PROM on the 23, followed by THE WASTOIDS at homegrown!

Sloth Tapes

tue 18 may

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Oh Shiiiiiiit!! Did you guys see OH SH!T at the past few shows? So brutal! Make sure to check them out sat 22 may w ANGRY FAMILY + BALACLAVA from richmond, plus a bunch more!

Also, DANGERBIRD’s full length “Homestead” and the DANGERBIRD / UGH GOD split cassettes are out and officially available from us or those guys at shows or online.

Also, HOLY DIRT will be in the studio w steve roche this week to record their full length for 12″ release this fall. Look also for them to be in yr town around the same time and let them sleep on yr couches and/or floor.

see you soon.