i don’t often apologize, but i’m sorry we here at sloth tapes hq have been such slackers. and also sorry that this blog tends to be used to mostly for holy dirt purposes. we have a lot of summer/fall shows coming thru the pipeline, as well as cool tapes lined up, and i promise to inform you of those things post haste, but for the time being, here’s the june tour schedule for holy dirt.

JUNE 2011
wed 8 – Magnolia House, Charlottesville, Va, w/ locals
thu 9 – CFBG, Greensboro, NC, w/ Junkhat + Dumpster + 8 Break
fri 10 – House Show, Athens, GA, w/ Gripe
sat 11 – Wayward Council, Gainesville, FL, w/ Dead Weight + Run With It
sun 12 – Ghazi House, Tallahassee, FL, w/ Dickkicker + No Humanity
mon 13 – Siberia, New Orleans, LA, w/ Embolization (TX) + Life Erased (TX)
tue 14 – al//tn
wed 15 – Poison Lawn, Knoxville, TN, w/ Networks + Mother of Shit + Fisthammer + Brain Lesion
thu 16 – The Hideaway, Johnson City, TN, w/ The Business Machines + The Growth, + Electrical Cord Noose
fri 17 – Crayola Haus, Harrisonburg, VA, w/ Earthling + Hog (NC)
sat 18 – Strange Matter, Richmond, VA, w/ Hog (NC) + Balaclava + War Graves
sun 19 – Candlehaus, Fairfax VA, w/ Tideland


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