newts 8.17.10

new tapes just in!

std10 – REPRESS Holy Dirt/Bubonic Bear Split – 100 MORE copies of this split from two of our landmark bands, heavy, slow, glacial metal from both, 3 songs each, get ’em while they’re hot

std17 – Erode & Disappear/Signals Split: f/ mem Northern Liberties and Bugs and Rats, solid garage post-punk you won’t want to miss! 3 songs from each band

std18 – Bubonic Bear Half Length: new tunes from the raddest of dunes, heavy, ugly, slimy punk that sounds like whatever happens after the apocolypse, 5 songs

also, effective immediately, new price for tapes is $4 each/$10 for three/$2 wholesale (min order of 5)

once again, HOLY DIRT will be on tour this early fall. Check out where they’re going to be and let them know if you can help out with setting up a show or letting them sleep on your couch or floor. If you do punk, noise, hardcore shows, they can swing it.

WED 29 SEPT – Crayola House, Harrisonburg, VA
THU 30 SEPT – Knoxville, TN/Somewhere, NC (HELP)
FRI 1 OCT – Devilneck Festival, Atlanta, GA
SAT 2 OCT – TBA, Wilmington, NC
SUN 3 OCT – TBA, Richmond, VA

with RAT HEALER of Philadelphia:
THU 14 OCT – AS220, Providence, RI
FRI 15 OCT – TBA, Boston, MA
SAT 16 OCT – The Handsome Woman, Williamantic, CT
SUN 17 OCT – TBA, Brooklyn, NY

slothtapes (at) gmail (dot) com


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