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greeting sloths. here’s all the new news you can use about tapes that rule and never drool!

just this week we’ve released the new HULK SMASH tape called “DEER” and the new tape from GLOOM BEAM, a noise project featuring members of philly’s CUT IT OUT.

this april we’re glad to be putting PAGAN WOLF RITUAL in the studio at PERMANENT HEARING DAMAGE in philly with STEVE ROCHE, so it’s safe to expect a tape from them soon thereafter.

tapes on the immediate horizon include a full length from APE!, DANGERBIRD’s LP, TURNED OFF/POWERSTANCE recordings, and the RAT BABIES/AKRIS split. also sometime in spring keep keeping yr ears peeled for the ERODE & DISAPPEAR/SIGNALS split, featuring members of NORTHERN LIBERTIES and BUGS AND RATS, as well as new material from new york’s RARE KILLS. and who know what other crazy shit might go down!

HOLY DIRT and APE! are set to tour for 5 days at the end of the month, here’s the schedule. find out where they’re playing and go see em.

wed 31 mar – newark de//powerpukehaus w the catalyst (rva) + turned off (de)
thu 1 apr – balt. md//the sidebar w heaviness of the load (balt.) + caestles (md)
fri 2 apr – durham/raleigh/chapel hill/carrboro nc
sat 3 apr – richmond/harrisonburg va
sun 4 apr – philly pa// jr’s w fuck attack + tba

as always, check the myspace for updates about upcoming shows and info, and feel free to get in touch with us at slothtapes at gmail dot com.

tom and john