About those updates…

…Sorry. I/we initially had a more active plan for this blog, but I hid the password from Tom for some time, and used the excuse that I’m/busy/working/lazy/whatever to put off any updates. But, in the event that someone is reading this, I guess maybe I should say something.

Here’s a list of everything we have available right now, with information as to where to get it:

Sloth1-Holy Dirt -Demo Cassette-We have a few copies left.
Sloth2 -Come On Homewreckers-Cassette-Available from us, or the band (maybe).
Sloth3-Holy Dirt-Not A Demo Cassette-Available from us or Robotic Empire
Sloth4-Count Von Count/Electric Horsemen-Split Cassette (DEMO VERSION)-Avilable from the bands. Final version coming sometime.
Sloth5-Deer Gear/Holy Dirt-Split Cassette-Available from us or Robotic Empire
Sloth7-Backwoods Payback-Whiskey & Arm Wrestling” Cassette-Available from the band.

And here is a list of what we have up next:

Cut It Out-Live Cassette
Akris/Rat Babies-Split Cassette
Holy Dirt/Bubonic Bear-Split Cassette & 7″
Pagan Wolf Ritual-Cassette
APE!-Album (cassette version)
Powerstance/Holy Dirt-Split Cassette)

Hopefully all of this will be done by the end of the year.

More updates soon (for real this time, I promise).


2 Responses to “About those updates…”

  1. and how would one go about getting a copy of the “Sloth1 – Holy Dirt – Demo Cassette”

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